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Open Daily 9.00 AM. - 10.00 PM. Advance Reservation is recommended


Napa Signature Therapy, Napa Signature Package, and Facial Explorer



The Napa resides in 5th storey tall tower with most outstanding modern and contemporary design. With artificial water fall, flowing continuously from the edge of the tower top offer the most stunning visual backdrop seen from anywhere in The Naka Phuket. NAPA Spa is conceived from the fundamental concept that well-being is a gradual, natural healing process found by the knowledge of nature’s universal secrets and its four Thai Elements being EARTH, WATER, WIND and FIRE.

The comprehensive tailor-made spa menu has the whole body covered; from element massages, facials enhance wraps and body scrubs, specialist therapies and pampering spa packages. From the choice of materials and design features to the natural, which provides a rich collection of herbs, to the fruit and flowers used as ingredients for healthy refreshments and uniqueness spa treatments and experiences.

Open daily: Pre-reservation is required 1 day prior service date.

No. of treatment room(s): 6

Napa Signature Therapy



Innovates and reinvents massage with exclusive movements that deliver an exceptional opportunity for all to a unique moment of Thai


massage and combine with Warm Oil Massage. The soothing hands and relieves sore muscles, finish with Crystal healing


lymphatic drain strengthen your vital energies.

Spa & Massage

Notice: To maintain hotel standards and quality services, we will temporarily close certain resort areas for preventive maintenance from July 1-20, 2024. We appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy your stay with us